One 2 One Marketing

Customize your Communications

Variable data printing or “VDP” is a powerful tool for “individualizing” your printed pieces to appeal to a specific audience or recipient. Text, graphics, photographs, color schemes and other elements can be varied inline during printing to produce targeted pieces quickly and economically. VDP is ideal for:

Direct Mail
– Completely “individualize” your direct mail pieces to target specific demographic or buying behavior characteristics for true 1:1 marketing.

Sales Sheets – update, revise and segment lots by products, region, sales periods, etc.

Newsletters – differentiate lots according to sales reps, territories, etc.

Specialty Books – produce “coffee table” books featuring vacation albums, special event portfolios, etc.

Employee Benefits
– produce individual booklets for employees featuring personalized data.

Print What You Need, When You Need It
Using our “Go Direct” online print management service, you can also quote, order and store your artwork files for fast updating and printing on demand (print only what you need, when you need it!). You can specify various pieces, quantities, delivery options and more using our convenient web-based system to fully automate your printing needs!