They can take the easy route and just focus on buying on price. Or they can take the harder but more rewarding route.  They can challenge.

Print buyers who challenge will achieve more in their job roles.  They will also achieve more personal satisfaction.  It may seem hard to begin with, but they will also create better relationships through these challenges.  They will be accepted as valuable members of a team.

Print buyers who take the easy route and focus on price will simply be regarded as commodity buyers.  They will find it much harder to create the same level of relationship.  They won’t have the same level of personal satisfaction.  They won’t achieve as much in their job role.

Let’s remind ourselves of three key ways to challenge.

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In recent years, the program has faced financial instability and has needed last-minute infusions of money to fill financing gaps. But this year, the City Council raised the amount set aside for the program beyond what the mayor’s office had originally proposed, which was $8 million. Corey Johnson, the speaker of the City Council who had made additional funding for the program a priority, called the increase “a really big deal for creating more certainty and security moving forward for the organizations that do this work.”

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All Print Resources

I was recently asked to review print buying at a charity.  They had an experienced print buyer.  However, they were used to doing things their way.

I was able to challenge processes, specifications and suppliers.  The charity was able to save 16% on some of their key spends.  They also freed up valuable staff time.

Best of all, the buyer enjoyed the process.  They were able to return to their job with renewed enthusiasm.  They appreciated input as they had felt lonely in their job.

Some buyers will be concerned that I have made a big omission in this series of articles.

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